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05 May 2010 @ 12:35 pm
Just Fic Masterlist  


As of May 19, 2010

Tags and summaries can be found on my delicious account


01. 40 Nights by Dock
02. 999 Evil Urges (A F*** Buddies Missing Scene) by Damnskippytoo
03. A Bad, Bad Day by Dannyblue
04. A Crisis of Faith by Becjane
05. A Foolish Plan by Psychofilly
06. A Glass Darkly by Alenka (NOT A C/A FIC)
07. A Good Day by LaLa247
08. A Mother's Love by Anne
09. A Night on the Town by Kettricken
10. A Perfect Phantasm by AbbyCadabra (NOT A C/A fic)
11. A Tangled Web by Ophelia
12. A Woman's Work by Samsom
13. Aeternitas by AbbyCadabra
14. The Aftereffects by Abbycadabra
15. After the Fall by Starlet2367
16. The Aftermath by Illusion
17. All He Needs by Melissa
18. All I Want for Christmas by Cantinera
19. All That Flickers by Jaguar
20. All That She Can't Leave Behind by Jenna
21. Altruism In the Face of Ewww by SamLuvsHarrison
22. Angel's Songs by DamnSkippytoo
23. Angels with Dirty Faces by Daisy
24. Another Word by Ebonbird
25. Armadillos and Salsa by Syn
26. At The Beginning by Kelly22
27. Atonement by Lysa
28. The Aftermath by Illusion


01. 24/7 by Dock
02. A Long and Meandering Tail by Psychofilly
03. A Perfect Christmas? Not at Angel Investigations by Lexis
04. A Rummage Through the Past by Zarah
05. Advanced Technology by Ophelia
06. Advice from the Expert by Wren
07. Aida by Mexican Alibi
08. Air Conditioners by Frazi81
09. All In A Day's Work by AngelicDevils
10. The Art of Seduction by Gabs186
11. Always by wereleopard
12. All The Days & Nights To Follow by Lysa


01. A Bolt from the Blue by Katrina
02. A Case Study of the North American Vampire by Liam
03. A Catchy Tune by lisamarie514
04. A Cheerleader's Fear by Bubble
05. A Christmas Angel (Parody) by Cantinera
06. A Claim on Living by Jaywalker
07. A Cup of Kindess by Mab (NOT A C/A FIC)
08. A Disturbing Little Snippet by Natauni(NOT A C/A FIC)
09. A Dozen Delights by Gabs186
10. A Drop in the Bucket by Cordy's Bitch
11. A Gentle Coercion by Ophelia
12. A Good Day (Quiet Time) by Cordy's Bitch
13. A Helping Hand by Mrs. O-Town
14. A High Road Out of Here by Starlet2367 (CORDELIA/GROO, C/A SUBTEXT)
15. A Little Bit of Bondage, A Whole Lotta Fun by Great Minds
16. A Little Blue Bottle by Ophelia
17. A Little Girl Talk by Tonya (NOT A C/A FIC)
18. A Little Tradition Between Friends by LaLa247
19. A Midsummer Night's Dream - In Sunnydale by Rachelle
20. A Momentary Peace by Lillyrose
21. A Night at the Beach (or Beach Party) by Elektra
22. A Night In by LaLa247
23. A Night Out by LaLa247
24. A Season's Greetings by Aysheh
25. A Seer's Elegy by Cordy's Bitch
26. A Slave to the Mission by Ophelia
27. A Social Call by Ignited
28. A Sunless Sky by Syn
29. A Sunnydale Tale by Victoriamartynne
30. A Thank You from Wherever by Christie (NOT A C/A FIC)
31. A Tropical Paradise by CraziLadi
32. A Word with Skip by KarenMR
33. About Last Night by Ophelia
34. After Hours by Joanna
35. Ain't No Sunshine by CrazyKath
36. All For Your Love by Aysheh
37. All Night Long by AngelChase
38. All She Has by Kika
39. All That Matters by Delylah
40. All That Matters by Fiddly
41. All That Was, Is No More by The Zeppo
42. All They Ever Wanted by Daisy
43. Almost by Cordy's Bitch
44. Almost Sex:Close But No Cigar by CowsApples
45. Alone by Argentlife
46. Always Need You by RMacAU11
47. Amaurosis by Andrea
48. Amor Fati by Starlet2367
49. An Angel Wedding by Syn
50. An Appointment by FangGirl
51. An Interesting Year by CordyChase19
52. An Old Man's Tale by Zarah
53. And Know The Place by WritingPathways
54. And Nothing But by PrincessTwilite
55. Angel 1/2 Series by Ignited
56. Angel Musical by Scarlet
57. Angel, PLEASE by Angelicgal82
58. Anne by Liam
59. Anodyne by Starlet2367
60. Another Girl by LuckyLyn
61. Another Night Out by LaLa247
62. Aroma Therapy by ClaireT
63. Ashes to Ashes by AlexDollard
64. Ashes, Ashes by MissKitieFantastico
65. Ask Connor by LaLa247
66. At the Game by Psychofilly
67. A Little Girl's Dream by KarenMR
68. A Night To Remember by Lysa


01. A Breath Between Us by AngelNCordy1
02. A Brilliant Plan by Ophelia
03. A Champion by JumpyJessa
04. A Champion's Eyes by AngelChilde
05. A Crash Course In The Rules Of Love by ClaireT (Donnie Darko)
06. A Day in Each Other's Shoes by Extraconfused
07. A False Sacrifice by Harbudda
08. A Father's Love by Extraconfused
09. A Glimpse by Aysheh
10. A Guy with a Motorcycle by Angel Lover
11. A Hidden Past by Pheebz
12. A Letter from Me to Me by Zarah
13. A Little Help from the Past by FangGirl
14. A Matter of Balance by Argent
15. A Matter of Taste by Ophelia
16. A Moment Lost In Time by Londnrain
17. A Normal Life by Muff21
18. A Promise of Another Season by FangGirl
19. A Valentine to Remember by C.C.
20. A Vampire, A Slayer, and A Space Hooker by I_Glow_Like_Cordy
21. A Very Mary-Sue Valentine by MissKitieFantastico
22. A Whimper by FangGirl
23. The Ace Of by I_Glow_Like_Cordy (NOT A C/A FIC)
24. The Aftermath by ChipmunkRobot101
25. Aftermath by Danyeal
26. Aftermath of a Dream by HyperionHottie
27. Alcohol and Ice by Marie
28. All Good Things by Aysheh
29. All Things Come Together by AngelSami
30. All Thing's Lost by I_Glow_Like_Cordy
31. Alone by Ligis
32. Altered Egos by Rio
33. The Alternate Ending by fiddly
34. Am I Evil? by Toby
35. Amourous Cruelty by CAMartin
36. An Irish Lullaby by MissKitieFantastico and Tigerwolf2
37. An Unwelcome Eye Opener by AbbyCadabra
38. And All Hell Broke Loose by LuckyLyn
39. Angel Investigations TNG by Andrea
40. Angel Sanctuary by Karura
41. Angel Season Six by BrownBros3
42. Angel The 'Homie' by Angel4cc
43. Angelic by Aysheh
44. Angel Season Seven by BrownBros3
45. Animal Instinct by Prophecy15
46. Another Addition by Celeste
47. Another Us by Angel4cc
48. Ante Up! By Cordy's Bitch
49. April Showers by Daisy
50. Are You Enjoying Yourself by SeekingWords
51. The Art of War by ClaireT
52. As One by Aysheh
53. As You Wish by Alma (NOT A C/A FIC)
54. Awake by Rousedower
55. Awakening by FangGirl
56. Awakening by I_Glow_Like_Cordy
57. A Demon's Love by Toby
58. A Well Thought Out Plan by AbbyCadabra


01. 10 Cordy and Angel Drabbles by xlivvielockex
02. 10 Cordy and Angel Short Fics by xlivvielockex