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05 May 2010 @ 12:24 pm

Why did you take this project on?

Well, I was compiling a Rec List for all things Cordelia/Angel and Cordelia/Angelus when I realized that I couldn't remember the names of some of the stories. I could remember summaries, but not titles. And in speaking with other C/Aers, I realized a lot of the really great fics, I had overlooked. So I thought what would be better than going through every fic at JustFic to maybe find some new hidden gems?

How did you come up with the name?

The community name is 365 days of C/A, which to be able to use on LJ became 365daysofca. The name "Seasons of Love" is from the Rent song of the same name.

How do you pick what to read?

JustFic is ordered either alpha by author or alpha by title. I didn't want to have to end up reading a lot of the same style, I was worried I would get bored that way so instead of going alpha by author, I went alpha by title.

But you have titles out of alphabetical order according to the archive. Why?

I've been in the Cordelia/Angel (cangel) fandom for a while so there are stories I have already read. If it was already on my Rec List than I already added it to my delicious account. It was already recommended so it makes things easier for me to just put it in the list. And it gives people something to read while I do the project. :)

How do mark your start date?

The first fic listed on JustFic that isn't mine is 24/7. I re-read that first. The day I put that into my delicious account is when I started the project officially. April 23, 2010.

What do you mean by 'recommend' or 'recommended'?

I mean that these are the fics you need to read. These are great examples of not only Cordelia/Angel but of fanfiction in general. Either they have really great plot, great dialogue, great descriptions, great sex, or all of it. They are just the best stories that JustFic has to offer.

What do you mean by 'guilty pleasure'?

Some fics can suffer from not having a beta, grammar errors, or they are just not finished. Some WIPs end up on the recommend list despite that but others will be put on the guilty pleasures list. If a fic has a lot of grammar errors but overall is still good, it might go there. I would still recommend reading these fics, just be aware there are going to be problems.

What do you mean by 'average'?

Sometimes fics just aren't good enough to recommend and aren't bad enough for people to skip. These are the fics I feel rather meh or indifferent towards. You can read them if you want but I can't give them a strong YES! You MUST read these!

What do you mean by 'skip'?

Even the best fandoms have their share of fics that aren't so great. These are the ones, in my opinion, aren't worth your time. For a lot of them, it was difficult for me to get past the first paragraph. Bad grammar, bad plot, bad characterization. Just overall: bad.

What do you mean by 'written by me'?

I'm a Cordelia/Angel author as well and since I posted to Stranger Things, my work is also archived at JustFic. Since the purpose of this project is to read and review ALL the fics at JustFic, mine are included. They are not going to be reviewed in the traditional sense but there are summaries for them on my delicious account.

Why haven't you linked 'skip' fics in the Masterlist?

Honestly? I don't think anyone should be reading these. If you want to read them, they are easy enough to find.

This fic isn't on JustFic, it's on a seperate website. What gives?

Some fics were taken down per the author's request but the title still remains in the archive. In those cases, I have tried to hunt down the fic to read/review it so that I can say I have read every single fic listed in the JustFic Archive

X fic is listed alphabetically next. Why hasn't it been reviewed?

Sometimes even though a fic is next alphabetically, it is a sequel to another story that will come later. Those stories have been bookmarked for me to come back at a later date, once I read the originating story

What is with all the entries marked 'back-dated'?

I started this community a month into my fandom project so the first month doesn't have entries. Since this is a community and not a private journal, I was unable to backdate them date wise. So I wanted to make sure there were still entries showing what I did, keeping a record. It also helps when I go on vacation so I can keep the project going even if I'm not able to post.

Do you read all the 'skip' fics all the way through?

Yes! Sometimes it's really difficult and I have to take a lot of breaks but I do read every one of the skip fics from start to finish. I feel like if I don't, I'm somehow not being true to the project. Not all fanfic is good and at least I'm reading it and letting you know. :)

What are the letters in parentheses on your posts?

I'm only updating the Masterlist once every two weeks to make it easier on myself. So until then, those are sort of quickie references if people want to find the fics on their own.

(r) = recommended
(gp) = guilty pleasure
(a) = average
(s) = skip

What happens when the archive is updated with new fics? Are you going to edit all these posts with the new tally? And did you sit down and really count how many fics there are?

My plan was that in March/April 2011 I would start at the beginning of the archive and double check that I didn't miss any fics. Since it's alpha listed, it should go fairly quickly. I can alphabetize my delicious acct and then just run right through them, catching any that I missed. (See, I totes thought ahead). And then I will just make posts with those fics like Day 340 or whatever it ends up being.

I plan to keep this community and if I finish JustFic, move onto AO or Volition or GoTeam until I have exhausted all the C/A resources I can. So if you ever add more to JustFic, I can put them on the reading list to continue.

As for the fic count, I used what was listed on the Archive but I know it's going to be more than that. It was a jumping off point of sorts. I wasn't going to count them all but when this is over, we will know how many there are for sure. :)

What if my question isn't listed?

Ask it in the comments and I will answer it and add it to the FAQ